Fairey Marine Yachts Collaborative Round the World Journey

We are pooling mileages covered by Fairey Yachts across the worlds from 1st January 2018 to voyage around the world. We will track our progress in the coming months and years. The idea came from Dinah and Trevor Thompson (see here) in 2014.

Our target is 25,000 miles. Contributions are welcome from anyone provided their trip is made in one of the Fairey Marine yachts.

So far, our collective mileage total is
∑ = 1,373

FMAOA Around the World Log

Click on the Log Book to add journeys by road, sea, river and lake. Click on the Log Book to add journeys by road, sea, river or lake.

Sail No. Boat Name Start Date Trail or Sail
wdt_ID Sail No. Boat Name Start Date Trail or Sail Miles Done Description Userid
1 A89 Colchide 04/04/2018 Sail 1 Early Launch and motor to berth 0
2 A89 Colchide 15/05/2018 Sail 5 Shake Down Sail on the Orwell 3
3 A162 Solone 17/05/2018 Sail 172 Sail from home port Valras , down to Rosas in sSain and back
4 A89 Colchide 22/05/2018 Sail 12 Proving sail for new prop and barber haulers 3
5 A89 Colchide 06/06/2018 Sail 18 Out to Medusa and back 3
6 A89 Colchide 10/06/2018 Sail 5 Gentle sail up the Orwell 3
7 A1 Atalanta 10/07/2018 Trail 260 Trip to Brightlingsea on trailer for James Lawrence to measure sails. 3
8 A124 Helene 20/08/2018 Trail 101 Travel to from Suffolk Yacht Harbour for AOA60 3
9 A124 Helene 21/08/2018 Sail 125 AOA60 Rally, cruise and East Coast Race 3
10 A1 Atalanta 24/08/2018 Trail 116 Market Harborough to Suffolk Yacht Harbour AOA60 0
11 A1 Atalanta 27/08/2018 Trail 8 Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Orwell Yacht Club Ipswich 0
12 0 0
13 A183 Bluster 15/08/2018 Trail 550 Moved Bluster and her trailer on a lorry from Melton in Suffolk to Scotland for a major refit before putting her back in the water, possibly in the Moray Firth. 116
∑ = 1,373

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