Fairey Marine Yachts Collaborative Round the World Journey

AOA60 Round the World Trip
We are pooling mileages covered by Fairey Yachts across the world from 1st January 2018 to voyage around the world. We will track our progress in the coming months and years. The idea came from Dinah and Trevor Thompson (see here) in 2014.
Our target is 25,000 miles. Contributions are welcome from anyone provided their trip is made in one of the Fairey Marine yachts.
Log total so far
∑ = 4,658

How far round have we got?


Are we spending too much time in the bar?
Or the Barn?
Or are we just a reserved lot?

Boat mileages

FMAOA Around the World Log

wdt_IDSail No.Boat NameStart DateTrail or SailMiles DoneDescriptionUserid
∑ = 4,658