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Derek bought the A31 shell in 1978 (I think) and then realised how many more parts were needed to complete her, so he bought A31/1 Sancerre in very poor shape in 1980. He then decided it would be possible to restore Sancerre and set to work… By 2010 Derek’s sons Peter and Ian took over the project, and there is still some work needed to finish her, like painting, refitting the engine & keels, etc.  Then they saw the article entitled “You get what you pay for” in “Sailing Today” with a photo of an A31 advertised for £1. Among others (me included) they phoned up the yard and were met with denial of all knowledge of the photo, until they told them they already had two A31s, and went ahead and bought A31/7 Moby Dick. So now they have three A31 hulls at Bushey, their idea was to complete the empty shell (A31/13 in the latest Yearbook) using Moby Dick as the donor for all the parts. 

This led to my idea to create a trust, or some other kind of joint project, because I think that would be the best way (the only way ?) to tackle something of this size. The idea was sparked by learning how the wooden canal boat Roger was restored at Rickmansworth.