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      Nick Phillips

      This has been an excellent trailer for Helene since the 1980s and is still in good conditions, with the exception of the rear axe – read on…. I have advertised the trailer on ebay but happy to talk about a less ‘commercial’ deal for Atalanta-folks.

      Trailer without wheels on rear axle

      The lightweight lattice construction maximises carrying capacity without compromising on strength. It also allows great access to the underside of the boat sitting on it for maintenance, unlike most trailers.

      There is some light surface rusting as the trailer has been off the road for the past year – see below -but no significant rust. However the bearings, spring pivots etc have been kept greased. The brake shoes were relined a few years ago.

      Unfortunately the trailer shed the nearside back wheel due to failure of the drum/hub. See this post from earlier in the year. The axles are ‘Watford Axles’ with 6″ PCD 5 studs. Although Indespension bought out Watford Axles in the 90s they can no longer offer replacement hubs. I have failed to find a simple replacement hub and have shied away from having the offending hub welded, which is apparently possible.

      I was in the process of sourcing a new solid beam axle with brakeless hubs (from Peak at to replace the whole rear axle but have decided to stick with an altenrative replacement (galvanised) trailer came my way, so this is now surplus to requirements.

      It really is a lovely trailer when fully operational. I was going to do the fix before selling it but have run out of time and need the space. I have used it with just the two wheels for ‘yard’ operations but it could not be used like this on the road.

      I would be happy to answer questions, send more photos. I would love it to go to another Atalanta owner.
      You are of course welcome (and recommended) to come and view before buying – we are about 12 miles South East of Norwich just off the A146.

      I may be able to help with delivery depending on where you are – please message me at nandt @, or zero seven one one zero eight eight zero seven six two. For instance I am driving to Wales in a couple of weeks.

      £700? Make me an offer.


      Helene on the trailer


      the offending hub


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      Now sold. Sadly out of the Atalanta family (gone to a Dockrell 22)

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