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    I need a new one for T12!

    It is the timber element that has been broken and I wonder if anyone know of an original for sale or going spare?

    If not has anyone got any pearls of wisdom on remaking the timber element please?



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    Fairey Mary

    From memory Ian Pollard had a spare for a 26, will that still fit?

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    Quite possibly, how does one contact Ian?


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    Nick Phillips


    The best way to contact him would be to use his details published in the Yearbook.

    You can email him by using the ‘Website User List’ on the Home Page.  If you select this link (right hand side) it will show the user lists and Ian is in the Members column. There is a ‘Send Email’ option against his name.

    (By the way, these user lists are only available to AOA Members)




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    No news from Ian, time to start researching copper rivets and laminating one up!

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