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The Atalanta Owners Association (AOA) supports members and potential members in sailing, maintaining and restoring the Fairey Marine's yachts. We hope that you enjoy browsing our site. Creating a site login will allow you to take part in the conversations and see more about the individual boats.

Full access to the drawings, technical articles, 60+ years of advice on sailing and maintaining the boats is reserved for members of the AOA.
Membership is open to anyone interested in the Atalanta, Titania, Fulmar, Atalanta 31 and Fisherman yachts. And of course to owners.

What's Hot:Beer & Natter at 'The Two Keels' Saturday 22nd May. ✔ UffaFox2022:- celebrate Uffa's life and works in Cowes.

Southampton Boatshow Success

Atalantas at a Boatshow? First there was one - the twenty four feet long Atalanta prototype, in 1955. Then, over the next decade, Fairey Marine...
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1966 – We nearly drowned

The AOA caught up with the son of an ex-owner at the Southampton Boastshow in 2021. This was great - it filled in an ownership...
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Cockpit renovation

Having  decided that the cockpit seats need replacing . I set about ripping the old ones out  the reason for this was cracking either side ...
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The Wrabness tender mystery. Part 2

 On taking over a boat it is common to inherit a certain number of “special” items. Dredged from the depths of locker or lazarette, damp...
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The Wrabness tender mystery. Part 1

 The plan was for an overnight to Pin Mill or the Walton Backwaters. We left Manningtree under sail around 1130 anticipating the ebb, without even...
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A1 Generating Chatter At Southampton

After a great deal of effort by Mike A1 is moored in the 'Class Association' area of the Southampton boatshow, alongside the Old Gaffers Association....
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A102 Atalanta Mary for sale £4,000

It is time for me to pass on the 'bateau' on to a new owner.  Work commitments,  But she deserves to be used and...
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Out of hibernation

I am really glad that I managed to find 'hibernation' for Mary over the lock-down. But it is time to get her back in the water...
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