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A162 Nip down to Spain
IMG_0486 15/06/2018 Simon Weston-Jones
          Back in the depth of winter my wife Lara announces that she is taking part with my eldest daughter in the annual diving club trip ...

A104 Arosa Hull to Whitby in June 2010
A105 Arosa in Hull 15/06/2018 Peter Keightley
I found these images of A104 Arosa whilst looking for something entirely different and thought they might be of interest.

A144 CYN For Sale – € 1500 / offers
Atalanta 26 Line Drawing (Hull) 07/06/2018 AOA
A144 CYN For Sale - € 1500 / offers

A160 Moyra from the Archive – use with the RONA Trust
29/05/2018 AOA
As part of the continuing transfer of the AOA archives online I came across this note from the RONA Trust about Moyra’s first owner Lord Amroy, and Moyra’s role in ...

Atalanta 26 For Sale – A161 Amber Ellen
Starboard from forward 29/05/2018 AOA
Atalanta 26 for sale – A161 Amber Ellen. Based near Ullapool Amber Ellen is offered with a trailer and some interesting modifications including wheel steering. With varnished hull and decks ...

Atalanta 26: A9 Ereina £2000 ono
A9 Ereina For Sale in 2018 21/05/2018 AOA
Atalanta 26 A9 Ereina is for sale. Ereina is part way through a restoration interrupted due to move to sailing a catamaran. She is out of the water in South ...

A138 Sue in Spotter in St Peterport Guernsey
61F62A7E-ECEB-49C8-810D-3B9E0A000655 06/05/2018 Robbie Cormie
A138 picture in Guernsey 5th May 218

A117 Turtle May 2018 – progress in Cornwall
Turtle on the slow road to recovery in Cornwall 03/05/2018 AOA
Our Secretary Richard has been on his travels, sailing tupperware yachts and popping in on unsuspecting Atalanta Owners. Richard visited Chris Berry in Truro. Chris has taken on A117 Turtle – ...

A169 Kerry Piper 100W Solar Panel for 48V charging
solar collage 22/03/2018 Chris Green
Above: 100W “Fuji Wave” panel – delivers a high voltage with exceptional low light energy capture. Mid afternoon March last w/e measured input was 300V+.These are designed for commercial solar ...

Raising A86 off her trailer after repositioning in the barn
Safely on her barrels. 06/03/2018 Bernard Marshall
Today, the 5th March 2018, A86 was moved on her trailer and repositioned in the barn so that all round access was possible. Many thanks to Mike Dixon for coming ...