New Styling, Pages and Navigation (menu) Options

Yes, the website looks different. Responding to feedback we have tried to make it easier to find things on the website.

In particular you will notice:

  • Colours and styling have been darkened to (hopefully) make things easier to read
  • The Home Page Layout has been simplified, including the top menu and right-hand sidebar options. Intuitive and improved?
  • Boat Blogs and Forum – Which to use? The difference between the Boat Blogs and the Forum have been made clearer (I hope) on the Forum & Blog page
  • Forums Simplified . The previous Forums have been consolidated into two. All topics and replies have been preserved and can be found in the new Forum.  (The old Forum names have been put into ‘TAGS’ and you can see them here)
  • Photos and Videos are now available from an ‘IMAGES‘ menu item at the top of the screen, with a new ‘Tag’ search enabled
  • Boat Registers now include photos. E.g. Atalanta 26 Register. The old table format is still available.

There have also been a wide range of ‘under the bonnet’ changes aimed at fixing broken links, making the site faster for most people, and also making it easier to maintain.

Is this an improvement?
Hate it?
Ideas for improving the site?

Please let the webmaster know using the Contact Form at the foot of the page or adding a comment to this post.

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