The Association holds over 250 Fairey Marine design drawings for the various classes.
These are an invaluable source of detail for how the boats are built.
Over a number of years paper drawing have been scanned. First to microfiche and then transferred to PDF files.Logged in AOA Members have full access to all drawings as downloadable PDFs – they will see a ‘Link’ column on the left in the Index below. Clicking on this will open the relevant drawing.
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Fairey Marine Drawings Index

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Fairey Marine design drawings
Logged in AOA Members will see a ‘Link’ column on the left – clicking on this will open the relevant drawing. 13 November 2023 – These links are not currently working but will be fixed in the next week or so.
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LinkTypeClassCategoryRefPage NoTitleSail NoBoat NameAuthorAPagesCommentsAPriceASortArchID
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesA24403Atalanta Engine installation MW2 with gearbox024403.00862
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesA24415Atalanta Mk 2 Engine installation MW2 with sailing clutch024415.00867
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesA24577Atalanta Mk 2 Coventry Victor WN4 engine arrangement024577.00881
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesA24578Atalanta Mk 2 Engine beds for WN4 engine024578.00882
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesA24760Atalanta Mk 2 redesigned angine installation024760.00890
LinkDrawing26, T,d. EnginesA24832Atalanta shaft line for Ford 100E engine024832.00898
LinkDrawing31d. EnginesA31050Atalanta 31 Engine consul and exhaust031050.00929
LinkDrawing26, T,d. EnginesB24321Atalanta Mk2 “P” bracket024321.00954
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesB24559Atalanta alternative arrangement of engine room hatch for WN4 engine024559.00964
LinkDrawing26,d. EnginesB24566Atalanta Petrol tank capacity 10 gallons024566.00965