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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 165 total)

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A1 is measured up for some James Lawrence sails
Amateur interpretation of the sail plan by Nick 11/07/2018 Nick Phillips
A1 travelled from Market Harborough to Brightlingsea for Mark Butler, of James Lawrence sails, to measure her up for new sails. This meant Mike was able to prove his tow car, ...

Major Robin Shinkwin
Major Robin Shinkwin '64 11/07/2018 Mark Urry
Major Robin Shinkwin was apparently the second owner of F8 “Iona”. The photo shows Him on A5 ” Diaphony” on a cruise down to St Malo, with my Father, myself ...

Someone is always watching…
F14 Noggin Spotted in Marans near La Rochelle 2015 11/07/2018 Mark Urry
Spotted in Marans near La Rochelle by no less than two local Fulmar fans ! Looking good, very good!

A1 Atalanta Interesting Keel Hoist
10/07/2018 AOA
A1’s keel plates and hoist have been completely refurbished. The lifting gear is of interesting design – the same principle was used in the production Atalantas but the original has cables ...

Original Owner
A61 Elissa A1 Atalanta & A48 Atala 09/07/2018 Mark Urry
A48 was launched as “ATALA” and was originally owned by John A. Strubbe FRIBA, his wife and children . Interestingly it was John who was responsible for the Black Night ...

A1 Atalanta dresses in her new rigging
03/07/2018 AOA
Mike’s new sails are to be made by famous sailmaker Jimmy Lawrence, of Brightlingsea.  The loft insist on measuring the boat themselves. So all Mike has to do is get ...

A1 Atalanta Trailer (ex Kotora) – a different type of trailer
A1 trailer side-rail detail 03/07/2018 AOA
Mike bought Kotora’s old trailer and heavily refurbished it.  It is of an interesting design, quite different to others I have seen.  It has central supports for the keel and ...

A1 Atalanta Restoration – Sunlight for the first time in 18 months
Sitting proud (and high) on her trailer.  Beautiful from every angle. 03/07/2018 AOA
A1 Atalanta has been tucked up in her workshop for the last 18 months after rescue from a garden in Essex. Mike (Dixon) has achieved an amazing amount of progress ...

A162 Nip down to Spain
IMG_0486 15/06/2018 Simon Weston-Jones
          Back in the depth of winter my wife Lara announces that she is taking part with my eldest daughter in the annual diving club trip ...

A104 Arosa Hull to Whitby in June 2010
A105 Arosa in Hull 15/06/2018 Peter Keightley
I found these images of A104 Arosa whilst looking for something entirely different and thought they might be of interest.