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2018 AOA Website – introduction
2018 AOA Website - introduction
Welcome to the new 2018 AOA Website

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 149 total)

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2018 AOA AGM
2018-02-16 AOA
The 2018 AGM was held at the Tamesis Sailing Club on the River Thames in Hampton Wick. It was an excellent day with a suitable mix of ‘business’ and pleasure, ...

Memorable family sailing on Holland waterways summer 1960
Under sail ? 2018-02-04 egaisse
A memorable time for the family which we did not regret.The tide was running out fast in the Zandreek. so we went aground not exactly where we would have wished!. ...

A138 Echo in 1989-1990
A138 September 1989. A stiff south-easterly in St Bride's Bay 2018-02-04 AOA
Pictures of A138 Echo iin 1989 and 1990 kindly provided by Piers Beckett.

A125 Bacardi – A ‘Barn Find’ which died in the barn
"Polaris II" in Mexico as seen before purchase.  Baot had not been sailed for 20 years. 2018-01-31 AOA
Below is a story of a long distance affair between Peter Nicholls and A125 Polaris II in Mexico. 1960 Polaris moves to Mexico Fairey Atalanta hull no 128 left the Hamble works ...

La Spezia
aug 23c past lerici 001 2018-01-13 Fairey Mary
I have driven past Genoa and La Spezia a number of times and although the west of Genoa has some beautiful driving roads.  Well they were before they filled them ...

Leaving Pisa to La Grazie (near La Spezia)
aug 22 arnovecchio 009 2018-01-10 Fairey Mary
We , and I say we, because our Nick joined me, had a delay before we could get into the water.  So we spent the day in Florence drinking stupidly ...

Arnoveccio in Pisa
dsc_2099_small 2018-01-07 Fairey Mary
After leaving Bosa I decided the next overwintering would be Pisa.  I would go up the eastern side of Corsica and head to the mainland.  I think the distances around ...

Building Colchide in 1958
Building Colchide 58-62 (12) 2018-01-04 Richard James
A photo record of Bernard Upton building Colchide in 1958

Colchide sailing near Harwich 2017-12-15 Richard James
COLCHIDE   Bernard Upton bought an Atalanta kit, hull number 104, directly from Fairey Aviation, Hamble on 25 November 1958 for £2800 and had it delivered to Cambs. The hull was built ...

A16 Dervorguilla gets a makeover
Note the rudder wires one over the other. 2017-12-12 AOA
A16 Dervorguilla gets a makeover at Pin Mill. A Mark 1 Atalanta Devorguilla is still in remarkable condition despite her age. There are quite a few interesting differences: The aft-cabin is longer, ...