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2019 East Coast Rally – Final Programme
The final programme for the East Coast get together and race as part of the Regatta is now available. Check it out here It would be great to see as many of you as possible, in a boat or ashore.
June 2019: Website Updated – hope you like it..
New Styling, Pages and Navigation (menu) Options Yes, the website looks different. Responding to feedback we have tried to make it easier to find things on the website. In particular you will notice: Colours and styling have been darkened to (hopefully) ...
2019 Atalanta Owners in Bristol 11th May
The cold weather took a welcome break and the sun shone in Bristol on 11th May for our meet-up at the Underfall Yard in the Bristol Floating Harbour.  There was a pretty unanimous view that it was a great day ...

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14th October Mike & Nick,   Thanks very much for taking the time to give me such detailed guidance.   Doug    
Reply To: inboard engine – HP and make
13th October You will have to raise the engine bearers because the original coventry victor has crankshaft in line with the prop shaft, the Yanmar has a ...
Reply To: inboard engine – HP and make
13th October
Reply To: inboard engine – HP and make
13th October When my family owned A110, we fitted a Yanmar YSE8 (YSM8 and YSL8 were later versions of the same).  We had to lift the floor ...
11th October Wise words in Mike’s article, based on lots of experience with A1, T10 and A31/4 and other people’s Atalantas. I remain in awe of those with ...
10th October Doug (and others), There are as many ways to remove a trailer, so as to remove keels, as there are trailers.  Rather than give a definitive ...