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LAST CALL! Articles for Bulletin deadline 15/11
We are in Classic Boat & James Wharram comments
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07th November - James Wharram comments on the Atalanta, and the crew of A113 Aku
Further to the article in November the December issue of Classic Boat includes an endorsement of the Atalanta’s capabilities from James Wharram. (James started designing and circling the world with affordable and seaworthy catamarans in the nineteen fifties – see ...
29th October - November 2019 Classic Boat – Atalanta as an ‘Affordable Classic’
It started with a conversation at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta in June this year. In the bar. Peter Smith, art editor for Classic boat was taking part with his 8-ton Gauntlet Bardu. We got into conversation about boats (what else) ...
07th August - 2019 East Coast Rally – Final Programme
The final programme for the East Coast get together and race as part of the Regatta is now available. Check it out here It would be great to see as many of you as possible, in a boat or ashore.

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A1 hauls out, watched by A89
17th November After her first few months afloat for over 25 years A1 came out of the water at the Orwell Yacht Club in the middle of ...
A1 hauls out, watched by A89
Reply To: Connecting boats with ex-owners – A35 history
11th November A35 is truly an excellent communications link! We were fascinated to delve into her story when George Caisse, who owned her between 1959 and 1964, contacted ...
Atalanta Confusions, 100 year old boats
11th November A motorcycling owner of an Atalanta was chatting to another biker and the subject of Uffa Fox and the Atalanta came up. This particular Atalanta was ...
Atalanta Confusions, 100 year old boats
A1 Atalanta floats for the first time in over 25 years
07th November I hope you will have read the excellent series of articles by Mike Dixon about his restoration of the Atalanta prototype – A1 Atalanta. ...
A1 Atalanta floats for the first time in over 25 years
Membership Subscriptions – Simplified for 2020
07th November Subscriptions for 2020 are due by 1st January. At the 2019 AGM in March it was agreed to simplify our subscription rates. There is now a ...
Membership Subscriptions - Simplified for 2020
Re-Restoration for Relaunch!
07th November I can’t seem to get my photos to load, but I am under my second restoration of the awesome T6 Kittiwake.  No major problems but ...