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Vote Atalanta in Classic Boat Awards
Uffa Fox 2022 - celebration 50 years on in Cowes
NEW Salvaged parts page -secondhand parts to keep your boat afloat

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20th December - Uffa Fox in 2022 – Celebrate Uffa’s legacy 50 years on
Celebrate the designs, work and life of Uffa Fox with sailing, racing, fun and Uffa history in Cowes over a weekend in 2022, the 50th anniversary year of his death
12th October - Salvaged Parts For Sale
With the recent scrapping of T4 Brother Jack and A154 Deeanie the AOA now have a large number of secondhand parts available for owners. You can access the list through the ‘For Sale’ page. Notable items in the parts ...
10th June - Update on UK Covid Lockdown and relevance to the Association
Despite the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK (and specifically in England), planned events for the Association have taken a significant hit.  We got away with holding the AGM in February, but since then no planned activities have ...

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Steering Gear Wear and Corrosion (4 comments)
24th February With the snow melting and the weather warmed up (relatively), work on Bluster has resumed with the stripping ...
Steering Gear Wear and Corrosion
Engine Bearers and Thrust Bearing (1 comments)
09th February The weather continues to be very cold this winter in Aberdeenshire, and now we also have 20 cm ...
Engine Bearers and Thrust Bearing
More furlough more progress.. (7 comments)
08th February Having  purchased the engine from the late Jack of London T4 having  stripped down all ancillary items  had ...
More furlough more progress..
Bluster’s 1GM10 Serviced and painted (2 comments)
26th January Bluster’s engine was winterised, but otherwise in reasonable working order. It was badly rusted in places, the fuel ...
Bluster's 1GM10 Serviced and painted
A90 – AWAY WITH THE TRAILER (2 comments)
22nd January After changing A90’s  livery, time to go for the keels. But removal of the trailer had to come first. Travis ...
Fairey Marine Pixie Tender For Sale – SOLD (0 comments)
17th January Very rare Fairey Marine Pixie Tender for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Built circa 1950 as a tender to ...
Fairey Marine Pixie Tender For Sale - SOLD
Mike Dixon and A1 nominated for Classic Boat Award – Vote Now! (0 comments)
16th January Hello everyone. You may have read the Classic Boat article published in the November edition last year about A1 ...
Mike Dixon and A1 nominated for Classic Boat Award - Vote Now!
A90 – CHANGING COLOURS (1 comments)
14th January Risking the opprobrium of AOA members I changed A90 ‘s  traditional Atalanta livery of  Blue &  White  to ...
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (1 comments)
08th January On the 8th February 2019  Dominic Dobson brings A90 all the way from Ilkley Moor to North Dorset ...
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
A182 Skimmer – Restoration Project (Virginia Beach, US) (0 comments)
03rd January A182 Skimmer has been in storage in Virginia Beach, USA, since 1985 in a tent, and been kept ...
A182 Skimmer - Restoration Project (Virginia Beach, US)
Getting Bluster’s Engine Out (2 comments)
28th December Bluster currently has a Yanmar 1GM10 diesel engine, a replacement for the Volvo Penta that she previously had. ...
Getting Bluster's Engine Out
Rubbing strake (4 replies)
22nd December I need to replace the rubbing strake between the on A65, can people recommend suitable timber/ suppliers and ...
Fascinating profile of Charles Currey (0 comments)
19th December ‘ incredible sailor, who at the same time was also a clever and insightful innovator‘ Dougal Henshaw, Sail-World 18 ...
Fascinating profile of Charles Currey
Diaphony A5 on going work (0 comments)
18th December A few pictures of Deck and a illustration on forming precise curves which are then laminated. This was ...
Diaphony A5 on going work
Happy Christmas to all (1 comments)
15th December The AOA Annual Bulletin and Yearbook should be hitting Member doormats this week. Thanks to all the contributors ...
Happy Christmas to all
Weight of Trailer (6 replies)
14th December I have a  (forgive the terminology)  ‘bog standard’  Atalanta trailer.  Most probably of the original design. I am trying ...
Atalanta Trivia Thread (0 replies)
30th November Preventing keels folding up if rolled over Ever wondered how an ocean-crossing Atalanta would fare in the event of ...
How A105 became ‘Taku Maru’ (1 comments)
27th November We were delighted to hear from the son of Taku Maru’s original owner, Philip Booth, about his recollections ...
How A105 became 'Taku Maru'
Atalanta Vendee Globe Sat (1 comments)
27th November Hi fellow sailors and boat maintainers.  I think we should get together and discuss the Vendee Globe out ...
Atalanta Vendee Globe  Sat
Removing Keel Hoist (6 replies)
22nd November Alright, so I’ve messed up somehow! Dominic Dobson who did the excellent recovery of A90 asked why I wanted ...