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22nd December - We’re back – apologies for the break in service
I would like to apologise to all of our readers for the non-availability of the website in the past few days. A small change triggered some unexpected impacts on the site. I have now resolved the issues and spent time ...
28th November - James Wharram comments on the Atalanta, and the crew of A113 Aku
UPDATED 28/11 after input from Hanneke Boon of Wharram Designs, including updates to Aku’s boat page Further to the article in November the December issue of Classic Boat includes an endorsement of the Atalanta’s capabilities from James Wharram. (James started ...
27th November - Adding photos to your blog improved
A number of you highlighted difficulties in adding photos to your blog entries. With apologies for it having been a bit messy I have now made it more reliable. Or should I say I think I have – please ...

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A1 Restoration – The Final Push
22nd December I took on the restoration of A1 ‘Atalanta’ in 2016. This post begins a series in which I will document the work done, in text ...
A1 Restoration - The Final Push
Contact from Norbert FRADIN in Bordeaux
12th December I have today received a reply from Norbert Fradin of the Musée Mer Marine at Bordeaux. He briefly states that he is, unfortunately not capable ...
Colchide’s rudder
09th December Colchide came out the water last week and I noticed that the rudder had some delamination cracks on the trailing edge. It has a 12mm ...
Colchide's rudder
Memories of my Father’s boat
09th December Alan contacted us to enquire about the fate of A175 Inyoniamanzi (African for ‘Water Bird’). We were unable to provide much more information but ...
Memories of my Father's boat
2019-20 Bulletin heading your way soon
09th December A quick heads up for AOA Members. The new Co-Opted Editor has finalised the 2019-20 Bulletin and it is being printed as I type. The Bulletin ...
Bernard Blavier
23rd November Bernard Blavier contacted the AOA in October 2019 to enquire of her whereabouts. (Connecting with ex-owners is one of the pleasures of the website). Bernard was ...
Bernard Blavier