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NEW Salvaged parts page -secondhand parts to keep your boat afloat
November Classic Boat features A1 restoration
25th October Virtual meet-up - Laying Up Social

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12th October - Salvaged Parts For Sale
With the recent scrapping of T4 Brother Jack and A154 Deeanie the AOA now have a large number of secondhand parts available for owners. You can access the list through the ‘For Sale’ page. Notable items in the parts ...
10th June - Update on UK Covid Lockdown and relevance to the Association
Despite the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK (and specifically in England), planned events for the Association have taken a significant hit.  We got away with holding the AGM in February, but since then no planned activities have ...
02nd April - Archive addition – AOA Annual Dinner Menu Cards
Dinner menu and attendance cards for the first seven Annual Dinners – Atalanta Owners know how to enjoy themselves! These cards were kindly donated by the sone of an ex-owner.

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Laying-Up eMeeting this Sunday – Details Published (0 comments)
20th October The details of the virtual laying up get together have now been published under the Event entry. It would ...
Laying-Up eMeeting this Sunday - Details Published
Duckling for sale. (1 replies)
16th October Hello Everyone. My late father bought and restored a Fairey Duckling, the time has now come to part with ...
Classic Boat A1 Design and Restoration Review (0 comments)
13th October With the completion of A1 Atalanta last year it seemed like a golden opportunity for the Association to ...
Classic Boat A1 Design and Restoration Review
12 October 2020 – A154 Deannie Obituary (0 comments)
13th October The decision to scrap A154 was taken in October 2020. To all intents and purposes A154 is no ...
12 October 2020 - A154 Deannie Obituary
WALK ON THE HULL (3 replies)
10th October A90 still in refurbishment. As I continue I realise, especially in the main cabin I am walking around on ...
A154 Deannie – Last chance to save her (0 comments)
05th October It is planned for Deannie to be scrapped over the weekend of 9-11 October. This week is the ...
A154 Deannie - Last chance to save her
Bluster’s Foredeck Repairs (10 comments)
28th September The foredeck from the cockpit to the forehatch has now been repaired and just needs fairing and some ...
Bluster's Foredeck Repairs
A115 Mara For Sale – £800 (0 comments)
28th September I have taken the decision to let A115 go to a new owner. Sadly I don’t have the ...
A115 Mara For Sale - £800
F3 Dunsheen Restoration Project (0 comments)
28th September I hope there is a competent person out there who would take on the restoration of F3 Dunsheen ...
F3 Dunsheen Restoration Project
Where’s Our History ? (2 replies)
26th September For my birthday I received  ‘A  History of Sailing in a 100 Objects’. On page 148 is the only ...
Reference in Yachting Monthly to Brian Black sailing an Atalanta (1 replies)
25th September In the October 2020 edition of Yachting Monthly there is an article by Brian Black about his sailing ...
2020 East Coast Cruise in Company (0 comments)
29th August It will not go down in the AOA Annals for its mileage or good weather but we all ...
2020 East Coast Cruise in Company
Mast Lowering (7 replies)
16th August My ‘search’ skills are poor. Is there any info. about setting up an Atlanta for ‘easy’ mast lowering
Chainplates (2 comments)
09th August Just wondering do the Chainplate wedges  go at the top of plate  There is a hole for a ...
Under Water Mastic ? (2 replies)
07th August I will soon be fixing plastic strips outside the bottom of  keel box using brass strips and a ...
Keel Pressure Plate Bolts -Removal (5 replies)
03rd August With both keels off , when would be the best time to remove and service keel pressure plate ...
For Sale Yanmar GM10 spares (1 replies)
01st August Trying to recover some of my expenses thought I would offer them to the AOA first. I have ...
Cockpit Restoration (1 comments)
28th July I am now restoring Bluster’s cockpit at deck level. Getting the jib sheet tracks off (all four of ...
Cockpit Restoration
A124 meets A1 – not for the first time? (0 comments)
23rd July A124 Helene was launched at last on Monday (with much thanks to Mike Dixon for driving miles to ...
A124 meets A1 - not for the first time?
Trailer launch and recovery (6 replies)
22nd July I have not launched Achates down a slip with the trailer before and am considering this in a ...