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Beer & Natter - Saturday 22nd May 6pm
    Virtual pub social at "The Two Keels"

Uffa Fox 2022 - celebration 50 years on in Cowes
NEW Salvaged parts page -secondhand parts to keep your boat afloat

AOA & Website News

17th May - Website Spring Clean
While most of our thorough Spring Clean was about keeping the site working smoothly there have been some functional improvements too. The ‘Images’ page now includes the Boat sail number in the gallery The Registers have been refreshed and checked against our ...
20th December - Uffa Fox in 2022 – Celebrate Uffa’s legacy 50 years on
Celebrate the designs, work and life of Uffa Fox with sailing, racing, fun and Uffa history in Cowes over a weekend in 2022, the 50th anniversary year of his death
12th October - Salvaged Parts For Sale
With the recent scrapping of T4 Brother Jack and A154 Deeanie the AOA now have a large number of secondhand parts available for owners. You can access the list through the ‘For Sale’ page. Notable items in the parts ...

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A165 Sloeberry was Mavista pre 1996 (0 comments)
15th May My father Dr.Peter Ewart Burden re-named this boat. We nearly lost her and our lives once-sailing from Ramsgate ...
Rudder Anodes (2 replies)
13th May I need to renew the anodes on A90’s rudder. It seems the blade is made of aluminium. Does this require ...
Bluster Progress – Removing Rusty Iron and Making Good (2 comments)
11th May Work on Bluster has continued in April and early May. Much of April was spent removing rusty bolts ...
Bluster Progress - Removing Rusty Iron and Making Good
Keel bolt covers: “Sikaflex – Ugh!” (4 comments)
02nd May This will be my last post on Helene’s Boat Blog as owner. In fact although started before the ...
Keel bolt covers: "Sikaflex - Ugh!"
In Hull Transducer (5 replies)
14th April Am thinking of fitting a NASA Marine In Hull depth transducer. But all Internet talk is about the X’ducer ...
In Hull Transducer
A passenger ride in an Atalanta aged 9 started me sailing (1 comments)
05th April I was spring cleaning A89 Colchide yesterday, when I was approached by a gentleman. “Is that an Atalanta” “Oh, I ...
Stem capping strip repair- rot in forward part of keel (6 comments)
05th April A179 Quinteffence has been laid up on her trailer for the last 8 years as life has not ...
Stem capping strip repair- rot in forward part of keel
Cleaning Engine & Compartment ? (3 replies)
05th April Prior to a full service, the engine on A90 now needs a good clean, lots of farmyard barn ...
A85 Kicky Wicky in the 1970s (1 comments)
31st March I was delighted to welcome an ex-owner of Kicky Wicky as a website user last month. Having ‘conversations’ ...
A85 Kicky Wicky in the 1970s
Furlough Work cont (3 comments)
25th March Made a mtg for the python drive from 19mm Ply /Mahogany and 2.5 mm A4 stainless.. A new propshaft ...
Furlough Work cont
A155 Miranda – Still Alive (0 comments)
22nd March A chance contact with the original owners of T10 Calista led to a photo of Calista with A155 ...
A155 Miranda - Still Alive
Well rotted (1 comments)
21st March Occasionally walk past this poor old boat at Newham on the Truro River. I imagine she has been ...
Well rotted
T10 Calista – Memories from her first years (1 comments)
19th March February was a great month for connecting to ex-owners of Fairey yachts. Rodney, son of Titania T10 ...
T10 Calista - Memories from her first years
Bluster’s Keels and Steelwork Removed (7 comments)
14th March After much prevaricating, Bluster’s trailer was removed and the keels lowered to the ground. The supporting steelwork was ...
Bluster's Keels and Steelwork Removed
Steering Gear Wear and Corrosion (4 comments)
24th February With the snow melting and the weather warmed up (relatively), work on Bluster has resumed with the stripping ...
Steering Gear Wear and Corrosion
Engine Bearers and Thrust Bearing (1 comments)
09th February The weather continues to be very cold this winter in Aberdeenshire, and now we also have 20 cm ...
Engine Bearers and Thrust Bearing
More furlough more progress.. (9 comments)
08th February Having  purchased the engine from the late Jack of London T4 having  stripped down all ancillary items  had ...
More furlough more progress..
Bluster’s 1GM10 Serviced and painted (2 comments)
26th January Bluster’s engine was winterised, but otherwise in reasonable working order. It was badly rusted in places, the fuel ...
Bluster's 1GM10 Serviced and painted
A90 – AWAY WITH THE TRAILER (2 comments)
22nd January After changing A90’s  livery, time to go for the keels. But removal of the trailer had to come first. Travis ...
Fairey Marine Pixie Tender For Sale – SOLD (0 comments)
17th January Very rare Fairey Marine Pixie Tender for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Built circa 1950 as a tender to ...
Fairey Marine Pixie Tender For Sale - SOLD