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✔ 2022 AOA Events Calendar published - see right
Uffa Fox 2022 - celebration 50 years on in Cowes
*** Fair Winds to all in 2022 ***

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16th July - Website Updates July ’21
Triggered by some recent (unsuccessful) attacks on the site we have updated the way people can request an account. It is now more manual than before. This does not affect existing users of the website. At the same time we ...
17th May - Website Spring Clean
While most of our thorough Spring Clean was about keeping the site working smoothly there have been some functional improvements too. The ‘Images’ page now includes the Boat sail number in the gallery The Registers have been refreshed and checked against our ...
20th December - Uffa Fox in 2022 – Celebrate Uffa’s legacy 50 years on
Celebrate the designs, work and life of Uffa Fox with sailing, racing, fun and Uffa history in Cowes over a weekend in 2022, the 50th anniversary year of his death

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book reference – A21 ‘Chuff’ (1 comments)
21st January Mentioned in the book “The War That Never Was” by Duff Hart-Davis page 29 one page only. The ...
book reference - A21 'Chuff'
‘Out of Arklow’ – book added to Archive (0 comments)
20th January We came across this book recently  by Danny O’Neill. Danny owned A78 Marianda in the 1980s and 1990s. ...
'Out of Arklow' - book added to Archive
Sole Boards (0 replies)
20th January Give In !  I am trying to find that blog of the excellent installation of sole boards in ...
Reefing hove to (0 replies)
30th December On the way back from West Mersea the wind picked up as I entered Felixstowe.  I am not ...
Reefing hove to
A31 Peanut in 2021 (1 replies)
30th December Peanut seems to be at the first stage of needing some TLC. She’s on the hard at Beaumaris, ...
A31 Peanut in 2021
Trailer ‘Snaking’ and an antidote from the past (0 replies)
29th December The recent 2021-22 Annual Bulletin included an account by an AOA Member of a recent accident whilst towing ...
Trailer 'Snaking' and an antidote from the past
Airplanes with something in common with Atalantas (0 replies)
26th December This post will be, I hope, the first in this thread celebrating the Atalanta construction through its origins ...
Airplanes with something in common with Atalantas
Painting Deckheads (3 replies)
23rd December I knew enough  to paint the outside of A90. Now I am to paint the inside, particularly the deckheads,  ...
Elle moves to winter quarters (1 comments)
10th November Elle is being stored in a barn this winter.  Located in Dell Quay, Chichester Harbour – Apuldram Manor ...
Elle moves to winter quarters
Parts on ebay: Keelbox covers, steering wires and turning pulleys, piston hanks (0 replies)
25th October Heads up if you looking for any of these. Someone is selling the following parts on ebay: Keelbox covers (slats ...
A49 seems to be in need of rescue (1 comments)
24th October Just saw this on Boat Scrapyards site. The boat is in Cheshire
A49 seems to be in need of rescue
A15 Artemis II – Unique and in fine condition – £4000 ono (0 comments)
15th October Presently afloat and in commission in Chichester harbour. Artemis II is in good  condition with a Sabb marine ...
A15 Artemis II - Unique and in fine condition - £4000 ono
Southampton Boatshow Success (0 comments)
13th October Atalantas at a Boatshow? First there was one – the twenty four feet long Atalanta prototype, in 1955. Then, ...
Southampton Boatshow Success
1966 – We nearly drowned (0 comments)
13th October The AOA caught up with the son of an ex-owner at the Southampton Boastshow in 2021. This ...
1966 - We nearly drowned
Cockpit renovation (1 comments)
03rd October Having  decided that the cockpit seats need replacing . I set about ripping the old ones out  the ...
Cockpit renovation
The Wrabness tender mystery. Part 2 (2 comments)
27th September   On taking over a boat it is common to inherit a certain number of “special” items. Dredged from ...
The Wrabness tender mystery. Part 1 (1 comments)
23rd September   The plan was for an overnight to Pin Mill or the Walton Backwaters. We left Manningtree under sail ...
The Wrabness tender mystery. Part 1
Canvas Cover (5 replies)
10th September Hi Everyone, This will be the first winter for at least  4 years that A90 ‘Jenaka III’  will be ...
A1 Generating Chatter At Southampton (0 comments)
09th September After a great deal of effort by Mike A1 is moored in the ‘Class Association’ area of the ...
A1 Generating Chatter At Southampton
Original purchase price of Atalantas (1 replies)
07th September I am interested to collate information on the cost of new Atalantas as they came out of the ...