AOA60 Challenge

Pit your knowledge against our resident Quizmaster ‘Dicky’ and against the wider Fairey Atalanta community.

The quiz is in three sections of 20 questions.
Each should take no more than half a cup of tea unless you get enthralled researching the answers on the website.
You can sit all three sections in one go, or do them at different sessions.
Leaderboards are calculated and shown immediately for each section
 An overall Leaderboard will be calculated and updated weekly – shown on the right
You may also do the quiz as many times as you like.

Try the AOA60 Challenge Part 1
Try the AOA60 Challenge Part 2
Try the AOA60 Challenge Part 3

Overall Leaderboard

Consolidated scores for all three parts.
(updated weekly – last update 21/3)

1. Meleager – 55%
2. Richard Salter – 52%
3. Chas Hammond – 35%
4. Richard Pollard – 30%
5. Website Drifter – 30%