Fairey Marine Yachts Collaborative Round the World Journey

AOA60 Round the World Trip
We are pooling mileages covered by Fairey Yachts across the world from 1st January 2018 to voyage around the world. We will track our progress in the coming months and years. The idea came from Dinah and Trevor Thompson (see here) in 2014.
Our target is 25,000 miles. Contributions are welcome from anyone provided their trip is made in one of the Fairey Marine yachts.
Log total so far
∑ = 7,256

How far round have we got?


Are we spending too much time in the bar?
Or the Barn?
Or are we just a reserved lot?

Boat mileages

FMAOA Around the World Log

wdt_IDSail No.Boat NameStart DateTrail or SailMiles DoneDescriptionUserid
1A89Colchide04/04/2018Sail1Early Launch and motor to berth0
2A89Colchide15/05/2018Sail5Shake Down Sail on the Orwell3
3A162Solone17/05/2018Sail172Sail from home port Valras , down to Rosas in sSain and back
4A89Colchide22/05/2018Sail12Proving sail for new prop and barber haulers3
5A89Colchide06/06/2018Sail18Out to Medusa and back3
6A89Colchide10/06/2018Sail5Gentle sail up the Orwell3
7A1Atalanta10/07/2018Trail260Trip to Brightlingsea on trailer for James Lawrence to measure sails.3
8A124Helene20/08/2018Trail101Travel to from Suffolk Yacht Harbour for AOA603
9A124Helene21/08/2018Sail125AOA60 Rally, cruise and East Coast Race3
10A1Atalanta24/08/2018Trail116Market Harborough to Suffolk Yacht Harbour AOA600
11A1Atalanta27/08/2018Trail8Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Orwell Yacht Club Ipswich0
13A183Bluster15/08/2018Trail550Moved Bluster and her trailer on a lorry from Melton in Suffolk to Scotland for a major refit before putting her back in the water, possibly in the Moray Firth.116
14A89Colchide07/06/2019Sail15Shakedown up the river Orwell with Hamish80
16A89Colchide09/06/2019Sail16Up the river Orwell with Julia, Robin & Dominic80
18A90Mourne Goblin08/02/2019Trail277Deliver to new owner0
19A89Colchide22/06/2019Sail42Classic Racing80
20A89Colchide10/07/2019Sail22Medusa run with Paul80
21A89Colchide27/07/2019Sail15Stour run with Roy80
23A89Colchide08/08/2019Sail21With Al, ICO Melissa80
24A38The Beaver01/06/2019Trail2,500North Bay, Ontario to Saltspring Island, British Columbia80
26A1Atalanta25/11/2018Trail106Orwell Yacht Club to Caldecot39
27A1Atalanta11/08/2019Trail12Caldecot to home39
28A1Atalanta14/08/2019Trail125Home to Brightlingsea for Launch39
29A1Atalanta20/08/2019Sail26Brightlingsea to OYC Ipswich39
30A1Atalanta07/09/2019Sail19OYC Ipswich - Shotley - OYC39
31A1Atalanta15/07/2020Sail20Photo shoot Orwell YC - Harwich - and back39
32A1Atalanta25/07/2020Sail5Orwell YC to Suffolk Yacht Harbour for survey39
33A1Atalanta29/07/2020Sail5SYH to Orwell YC39
34A1Atalanta15/08/2020Sail59East Coast Cruise in Company - River Orwell, River Deben and Walton backwaters39
35A124Helene15/08/2020Sail60East Coast Cruise in Company - Covid style3
36A124Helene01/09/2020Sail45Various day and weekend trips in the Autumn3
37A89COLCHIDE02/06/2021Sail59SYH to Bradwell in 6 hours 3 mins and return the next day in 6 hrs 30 mins in much lighter winds. I cannot imagine Uncle Bernard did many back to back voyages in the Med of this length, so this was the longest 2 day voyage for COLCHIDE for some time. It's just a bit further than going to West Mersea.80
38A89COLCHIDE28/05/2021Sail10Shakedown sail to check gearbox watercooling and check new boom and gooseneck, which all passed with flying colours.80
39A1Atalanta01/09/2021Trail54From Bradwell marina to Orwell Yacht Club Ipswich39
40A1Atalanta07/09/2021Trail156OYC Ipswich to Payne's Boatyard Chichester harbour for launching prior to Southampton Boat Show39
41A1Atalanta22/09/2021Trail156Payne's Boatyard back to OYC at Ipswich39
42A1Atalanta31/05/2021Trail112Market Harborough to Orwell Yacht Club Ipswich39
43A1Atalanta29/04/2021Trail112Orwell Yacht Club to Market Harborough for spring clean39
45A1Atalanta26/08/2021Sail66Orweel Yacht Club Ipswich to Bradwell mairna East Coast race and Cruise in Company39
46A1Atalanta08/09/2021Sail59From Payne's Boatyard to Southampton Boat Show and back via Lighter's Field, Bosham39
47A1Atalanta11/11/2021Trail76Ipswich OYC to Alconbury39
48A1Atalanta27/05/0022Trail76Alconbury to Ipswich OYC39
49A1Atalanta08/06/0022Sail154East Coast rivers cruise39
50A1Atalanta10/08/0022Sail323Ipswic OYC to Cowes Uffa Fox 5039
52A1Atalanta27/05/0022Trail76Alconbury to Ipswich OYC39
54A124Helene10/08/2022Sail290Manningtree - Lymington and back for UF500
55A1Atalanta27/05/2022Trail76Alconbury to Ipswich OYC39
56A1Atalanta08/06/2022Sail154East Coast cruise39
57A1Atalanta10/08/2022Sail323Ipswich - Cowes (UF50) - Eastbourne39
58A1Atalanta01/10/2022Trail161Eastbourne to Alconbury39
∑ = 7,256