Welcome to the Fairey Marine Atalanta Owners Association Website

The Atalanta Owners Association (AOA) purpose is to support members and potential members in sailing, maintaining and restoring the yachts of Fairey Marine. The Association provides this website to provide access to a wealth of information about the boats including their history.    The website enables anyone interested in the yachts to engage in conversation with like-minded people.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and hope that you might consider joining the AOA. Membership is open to anyone interested in the Atalanta, Titania, Fulmar, Atalanta 31 and Fisherman yachts. And of course to owners.

The Designs – Unique and Practical

Fairey Yacht Designs

Extraordinary, practical, innovative. For over 60 years the yachts created by Fairey Marine and Uffa Fox have been working their magic.
Alan Vine’s concept of a light but seaworthy family cruising yacht was started in the 1950s with his (very) stretched Albacore Sujanwiz.  A 24′ prototype ‘Atalanta’ led to over 190 Atalanta 26s, the Titania, Atalanta 31 and the Fulmar.

Fairey also extended the construction methods to a high volume motor sailer, the Fisherman design, with some success.

  • Strong & seaworthy
  • Lifting keels – float in 18″ water
  • Trailerable
  • Large, safe centre Cockpit
  • Satisfying performance
  • Remarkable value

Register – The boats are the heart of the Association

From the outset a primary object of The Atalanta Owners Association has been to maintain a register of yachts.    We have been tracking the boats for over 60 years and you can read these individual histories and see our extensive range of photographs. The histories continue to grow with information added by members and through this website. We welcome all input from all through the Forums and page ‘Comments’.

And if you are looking for one Check out the ‘Boats for Sale‘ page.

A26 Fairey original register p1a of 6
A26 Fairey original register p1a of 6