AOA60 Atalantas around the World

We are trying to get around the world, using our collective miles travelled in Atalantas (by sail or trailer).
Contributions are welcome from anyone provided their trip is made in one of the Fairey Marine yachts.

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wdt_ID Sail No. Boat Name Start Date Trail or Sail Miles Done Description Userid
1A89Colchide04/04/2018Sail1Early Launch and motor to berth0
10A1Atalanta24/08/2018Trail116Market Harborough to Suffolk Yacht Harbour AOA600
11A1Atalanta27/08/2018Trail8Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Orwell Yacht Club Ipswich0
18A90Mourne Goblin08/02/2019Trail277Deliver to new owner0
54A124Helene10/08/2022Sail290Manningtree - Lymington and back for UF500