Safely on her barrels.

Today, the 5th March 2018, A86 was moved on her trailer and repositioned in the barn so that all round access was possible. Many thanks to Mike Dixon for coming to the aid with his 4×4 and manoeuvring the trailer.

After this, Mike organised the lift off evolution, using four beer kegs and much timber of various sizes and wedges plus two hydraulic jacks to gradually lift the boat safely off the trailer and finally have the boat sitting on two oil drums and two beer kegs, with supporting tantalised sleepers.

Start time was around 8:30, and finish time was around 3pm. The mast was originally resting on an oil drum, but Mike needed the drum to support the boat, so the mast is now suspended from the roof.


Many thanks to Mike Dixon, for taking the time and effort to assist me in moving the boat upwards and onwards. There has been a steep learning curve during the past few days.

Payback will be getting afloat on the East Coast this summer…whatever happens, we are off to a good start in 2018…

thank you Mike 

    5 thoughts on “Raising A86 off her trailer after repositioning in the barn

    1. I definitely have shed envy…

      What is your guess for hours pleasantly engaged in restoration. It does look like you have less of a task than Mike though 😉

    2. Bernard looking good just one thought when looking at how the mast is suspended just check that its supported along its full length as it could bend slightly in the middle under its own weight


      1. Hi Dom

        Thanks for your comments and advice. I checked the mast support out this morning and and made a slight adjustment.

        Still loads to do….



    3. Bernard – fantastic progress. I have put you down for the East Coast Cruise and Race!

      It is great to watch Atalantas being lifted off the trailer. (Particular if its not yours!) In fact, it puts me in mind to start a thread to pool experience and ideas on the task.
      It is also great to see demonstrations of the the AOA living up to its purpose – owners helping each to maintain and sail our boats.

      Looking forward to reading more about Sassi’s preparations for the Summer.


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