The current list of jobs (things we know don’t work or are missing, improvement requests and so on) is shown below.
The order of the jobs represents a high level view of the priorities. We welcome feedback on this list and the priorities through the Feedback Form.

2Content - FinishBoatPage1Load Register details for A150-187, all Titania, Fulmar and A31
3Content - FinishBulletins1Four remaining bulletins to scan
4Content - FinishDesign2Update 'Where are they' table on the summary and class pages (with map?)
5Content - FinishDesign-A312Better photographs of special features of A31 for page header
6Content - FinishDesign-Fulmar2Better photographs of Fulmar for page header, interior, under sail etc
7Content - FinishDesign-A313Narrative about the special features of A31
8Content - FinishDesign-Fulmar3Narrative about Fulmar features
9Content - FinishDesign-Titania3Narrative about special features of Titania
10Content - FinishPress3Good quality copies / scans of all magazine articles
11Content - FinishDesign2Check 'Short History' material is all represented in the design pages