Photo: 100_2188. Parked on road just past driveway. Realized that there were sections of the driveway narrower than the trailer track width. The problem is that one side of the narrow bit is an 8 foot drop to the pad for the main house that might or might not get built (licking financial wounds). The other side is a Blue Bitch rock wall. Cleared up the loose stuff that had fallen down over the couple of years today and boat will fit. Being the last house is convenient at times like this. While it looks weird, the boat did not actually shift on the trailer.



Photo: 100_2168. One of the keels — needed to help ballast the stripped-down Rover.


Photo: 100_2176. After the first little hill from our former apartment below to our old landlord’s house above — so far, so good — so let’s keep going.


Photo: 100_2180. Past the first steep point.


Photo: 100_2182. Loose material and a curve on this part of the hill. A mirror would have been helpful, but no time to install. The weather window was soon to close (in terms of rain — tropical wave coming).


Photo: 100_2185. Higher and higher — one of the trailer’s tires has blown,but we keep going.


2 thoughts on “2013 A146 Le Bateau Ivre moves to new home

  1. Hi Colin, Yes the transom needs work. I replaced it in the late 80’s and it is not that daunting of a task, and my skills and funds are better now.  The time ashore was not nice. The house we just built has a shop that is sized to fit an Atalanta and we will be going at her hard and fast.  We took our honeymoon on her for three months so we are determined to rebuild her.  Now that I have a scanner I will put in some photos from that trip.  Should have the maneuvering done in the next few days as another tropical wave is headed this way.  It will be interesting, I will take some more photos of the event.

  2. David,

    I am out of contact a little but note that the Transom looks a little unhappy.  Good luck with your maneuvering I am glad it’s not me.


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