Photo: P1010092. Another image in Chichester,A15 again.



Photo: P1010086 (5).
P1010086 (5)


Photo: P1010093. A15 in Birdham pool July 2014


Photo: P1010093. A15 in Chichester harbour returning from the classic boat rally at Birdham pool in july this year


4 thoughts on “2014 A15 Artemis Photos

  1. Does anyone know the process that created the raised aft section, how was it achieved. It makes such a difference as well as looking more modern.

    1. Joe is something of a craftsman. Having made a model of the proposed modifications to judge how it would look overall, he cut Artemis II along the gunwale join from near the front of the cockpit to the stern. He then lifted the transom top by 12″ and laminated veneers across the resulting gaps. This makes it sound simple but the result is a credit to Joe’s skills.
      The whole process was written up with photographs in the 2010-2011 Bulletin (page 42).
      Artemis II Stern Deck Modifications

  2. I recall many years ago that you had a different rudder system and you have raised the level of the rear cabin.  It looks as though you have a lot more room.

    Colin A95

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