4 thoughts on “2016 Atalanta Mary’s new cover

  1. Janet – the dress maker in question is going to make a few alterations.  I hope to post pictures of the cover on Mary by the end of the month.

    One alteration that will make a visible difference is pockets (or bubbles) for the winches.  But generally I was too nervous (or busy) on the fitting to take photos.  Thankfully Nick had the presence of mind to do this.

    One thing I will say is that it is alot lighter than the tarp she currently has and won’t leave the white powder the tarp does.  But the tarp is cheaper and has lasted the 3 years she has been in the Med so far.  The bleaching on the paint where the tarp is short is recognisable.

    Thanks Nick.

  2. Unlike the Emperor’s new clothes, Atalanta Mary’s new all over cover is looking tremendous.

    Alistair has commissioned an all over cover to keep the Mediterranean sun off Atalanta Mary.  The cover has been made like a dinghy cover, in once piece with a zip between mast and bow to allow fitting.

    As Atalanta Mary is in Pisa Helene was used as the ‘Dressmakers Dummy’.  Helene’s scaffold tent and the weather mean that the picture of the final fitting session are not as clear as they could be, but you can get a feel for how effective the cover will be. (Atalanta Mary doesn’t have a Pulpit which is why the cover doesn’t look right at the bow).

    The cover maker has kept patterns – if you fancy one yourself, contact Alistair for contact details.






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