Gellie 'new' engine

This follows on from Ian’s excellent four-page article in the 2023-2024 Bulletin:

Ian had left Brough Haven in good time for the Uffa Fox 50 year event in the IOW on 20th August 2022. However his unpainted Isuzu engine has corroded underneath due to the salt water and a hole appeared in the sump.  All the engine oil ended up in the bilge., As Ian and crew were sailing down the River Humber, they started drifting towards a big channel marker at 3 knots on the flood tide, so Ian took the decision to sacrifice the Japanese engine for the boat. He did an emergency start and noticed that the water pump was still running. Ian avoided the collision with the solid marker but had 8 bent pushrod and a bent valve. He anchored overnight and returned engineless to Brough Haven. Ian removed the 50 hp Isuzu engine in late 2023.

Following a bench test and running of a 1957 Perkins 4107 diesel engine (pictured above), originally fitted to a 26ft Atalanta by Fairey Marine, Ian fitted a new starter motor and starter solenoid, a new alternator, a good battery and new water hoses, filters and gaskets throughout. He also gave the Perkins a good covering of marine engine paint. Ian hopes to have Gellie back on the water by spring 2024.

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