Leaving Alassio behind
We leave Alassio early and enjoy a good sailing breeze. Our next stop is San Lorenzo Al Mare, as recommended to us by the young man at Arnovecchio. We arrive just after lunch. There was a good breeze and a bit of a sea which made the entrance interesting – you approach the shore with no visible entrance and then make a sharp turn to port just before running up the beach (only slightly exaggerated). The marina is enormous and we are directed by to a berth which turns out to be hundreds of metres from the toilet facilities. Fortunately there is a bar halfway to break the journey. At the seaward end of the marina the ‘Hotel Riviera del Fiori’ has a bicycle theme with statues and real bikes everywhere. It is there beach that you approach when entering the harbour.

San Lorenzo turns out to be relatively small, and is bisected by a main road which runs not far back from the sea. It is pretty and we eat in a very pleasant beachside restaurant.

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