I am delighted to announce that A 89 COLCHIDE returned to the UK today, after 50 years on the Mediterranian and in Switzerland.


She was picked up by Bob and Maria of Fenland Boat Transport on 30 July 2013 and delivered to my neighbour’s old tennis court today, 2 August 2013.

I can now do a few jobs on her, ready for sailing next year.

I plan to replace all 6 porthole windows, rewire the mast light and Nav lights, tidy up the main electrical distribution box and a little painting touch up.

Bob and Maria have been delivering boats for many years and I can thoroughly recommend them. They are based near Spalding, Lincs and can be contacted on 07711 252040. They enjoy camping holidays and combine this with delivery work, therefore they are able to charge very reasonable rates.

The 1960 BRAMBER trailer, which was updated by Zetwin in May 1977 and serviced by Bernard’s neighbour last week towed very straight and was stable up to 65 MPH.

All loose items and spares (about a ton) were removed from COLCHIDE and put in a separate van

If anyone is driving through Norfolk and would like to pop in to have a look or offer advice, it would be appreciated.

Richard James


Final checks before the off.


Uncle Bernard takes his own photo of the departure, with Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc in the background.


A 89 COLCHIDE arrives at her winter training ground.





4 thoughts on “A 89 COLCHIDE returns to the UK after 50 years on the continent

  1. Robbie, now that I’ve learned from Trevor that there exists an old article or technical paper on the replacement of portholes I am going to read that prior to contacting Cleardome.  What I did not consider with the posting below is that each porthole is slightly different.  It may make sense to follow the procedure described in the article (which I have not located yet).  I suspect it’s a matter of heating and bending to shape prior to cutting the material.  If this is correct I think it may be possible to order six identical and heat them to get a final precise shape. I have ordered a dome before and it was reasonably priced, I’ll let you know soon what I decide to do.  t

  2. great pictures. What a smart looking vessel.

    I would like to get my hands on some additional portholes – Tim – please let me know how you get on ordering yours. Cheers

  3. Sharp lookin boat Skipper, best of luck with the tidy up work.  You might consider a company like http://www.cleardome.com for the portholes.  The bronze interior and exterior frames and the glue were holding together well prior to disasembly on A77.  I plan to send one of the old plexiglass portholes to cleardome after vacation for sizing and a quote to make 6 (probably Sept. time frame). 



  4. Richard a historic moment and my sincere wishes to your future enjoyment of Bernard’s pride and joy.  Please give our best wishes to him when next you speak

    Janet and Colin A95

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