2018 07 A1 Mast Up 03

Mike’s new sails are to be made by famous sailmaker Jimmy Lawrence, of Brightlingsea.  The loft insist on measuring the boat themselves. So all Mike has to do is get her to them, with the rig on.

The rigging was redone by Traditional Riggging of Bristol to Mike’s measurements.  A1 came with no rigging and some key parts (spreader sockets). Mike had gone to a great deal of trouble to design replacement parts and define rigging lengths and he was keen to see if it all fitted.

The newly refurbished mast (which looked resplendent in her new Deks Olje finish) was raised using a block fitted to the  boat shed and the rigging set up.

It works! Everything fitted just right – a monument to Mike’s care and attention in the design.  So we raised the AOA60 battle flag (you can buy your own as part of our AOA Regalia).

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