As part of the continuing transfer of the AOA archives online I came across this note from the RONA Trust about Moyra’s first owner Lord Amroy, and Moyra’s role in the Trust. This note was published on the RONA website.

Lord Amroy had been appointed High Commissioner for Canada and wrote to ask Waltere Scott to arrange for a small yacht, suitable for lake sailing, to be bought. The result was a Fairey Atalanta which he named from an anagram of his own name, MOYRA. When he retired as High Commissioner, both came back from Canada and MOYRA joined the fleet at Gosport. So now the Project had four yachts, RONA, LILY MAID, AILANTHUS and MOYRA.

MOYRA was given a special role. She was a very light yacht with two centreboards and a powerful inboard engine. She was easy to handle and able to go in and out of any of the rivers and creeks of the Solent. She was offered to Watch Leaders so that one of them could take command of her and learn the art of skippering. This with the joint idea of helping their promotion in the Project and making them more aware of the problems of the Skippers of the big boats. The majority of those who used her did so to their advantage but a few abused the privelege and there was one fatal accident involving a voyage in MOYRA so in 1971 she was sold.

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