solar collage

Above: 100W “Fuji Wave” panel – delivers a high voltage with exceptional low light energy capture. Mid afternoon March last w/e measured input was 300V+.
These are designed for commercial solar installations, but are readily adaptable to use on boats – campers etc. The great thing for the Atalanta is that it is exactly the correct length (3.45 metres) for the boom with a few inches to spare at each end. Constructed from a tough polymer plastic which insulates the solar panel elements. rolls up like a carpet runner into a diameter of about 25cm weighs about 1.5kg including wiring and connectors – so easily stowed. NB: The panel comes without wiring, so some work is required to prepare for use – all required elements are on eBay. 
NB: A regulator is required (see below) to reduce output voltage to 48V. These are supplied by the Dutch chap who sells the panels on eBay.

Next job is to install the (removable) 200W wind generator. Trying to get all this stuff completed before the warmer weather sets in, so that I can focus on the epoxy cloth sheathing below the waterline; mast and boom rebuild. Will post further work as work progresses.

  • Voltage regulator
    Voltage regulator
    Voltage Regulator
    Incoming voltage keeps green LED glowing. IMG_20180321_1943347
    Positive & negative glands
    Glands carry solar cable from panel to regulator

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