Photo: A33 under trees.
A33 under trees


Photo: Michel straddling A33.
Michel straddling A33


Photo: A33 motoring with 5 crew.
A33 motoring with 5 crew


Photo: Michel and A33 in a lock.
Michel and A33 in a lock


Photo: Michel and A33 under garden parasol.
Michel and A33 under garden parasol


Photo: Michel spraying varnish on A33.
Michel spraying varnish on A33


Photo: A33 moored in town.
A33 moored in town


Photo: A33 side view 2014.
A33 side view 2014


Photo: A33 in the water 2014.
A33 in the water 2014


Photo: Michel sanding down A33.
Michel sanding down A33


Photo: A33 rear.
A33 rear


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