We have had an enquiry through the website about the whereabouts of Theodora.

John Black who used to own her would like to hear how she is fairing.  The last owner we have in our records left the Association in 2013, at which time her home port was shown as Dorset.

Any information gratefully received.


4 thoughts on “A46 Theodora-anyone know where she is now?

  1. Hi.  Simon – thanks for the response.

    I should have updated this thread as I have now been in touch with Graham Walters,  He is now living on board a boat in Portland Marina.  He still hopes to get around to Theodora, and indeed she is still safe in the barn.

    I have passed on contact details to the original contact who triggered this thread, and also updated the Register (with Graham’s permission) with the new contact details.

  2. Remember Diaphony sailing along side Theodora ,When owned by George Weller,Paul Sharphouse ,Ray Herman..back in the late 70s Early 80s ..who were friendly with my parents ..

  3. Simon

    She has changed hands since then Simon.

    To the best of my knowledge she is still in the barn in Dorset. The (ex?)wife has the house where the couple used to live and the barn, and the (ex?)husband is living on a boat “up north”. I think he is unable to go there to collect the boat. I am being a bit evasive because it it probably all a bit difficult for those involved.

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