Have decided to fit the keel  mechanism from Jack of London T4  as it was all made from stainless steel ,Problem is getting this lot to fit in the keel box   as it has a 5mm plate that retains the 12x countersunk bolts as A5 had the bolts going straight in to wood  which looks weak ..

It seems the blocks that locate the keel bolts to stop them spinning are hitting the outer case.. I put this all in place tonight  and have decided to make some new bolt  stops  and shape them (rounded )to match  the bit missing from the bolt end this will then be tig welded to clutch plate keeping it slim in profile ,this  will fit just inside inspection holes.. I only need a couple of milimeters.

  • 20220424_174606-b39731e6

    Port side keel plates and bolts
    Port side keel plates and bolts
    Port side keel plates and bolts

    Gunwhale repaint
    Gunwhale repaint
    Gunwhale repaint

    Exhaust  traps fitted
    Exhaust traps fitted
    Exhaust traps fitted

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Boat: A5 ** Interest: My father purchased Diaphony in 1977, having just sold Our Lysander 17 called Grebe and with two adults and three kids and a dog it was decided that we needed a bigger boat.Having looked at a few boats my father stumbled across Diaphony A5 at Chichester marina on its trailer,after a while the owner finally clinched the deal with my Father in a pub at Dell Quay . After a year spent renovating A5 she was ready for launching at Chichester .The boat was sailed for the remainder of the 70s and early 80's having crossed the channel many times ,she was returned home for minor work and hasn't seen the water since. ** Location: bucks ** Country: GB

3 thoughts on “A5 restoration

  1. Simon,

    As ever – perfection continues! I thought I’d seen the last of T4’s keel bolts – should have known better. All the stainless steel bits and pieces on T4 were the work of the owner prior to me. Being a supervisor at Sellafield, he obviously had access to the fabrication shop on site.

    But I digress; your work on Diaphony is superb. But sooner or later, she’s going to have to get her bottom wet. The Uffa Fox event in Cowes would be tremendous. Only problem is that I’ll have to hide Atalanta awy in some obscure corner so as not to be shown up………….

    Great stuff Simon – keep it up,


  2. Epoxy primer undercoat ( EPU)
    3x coats in succession allowing flash off between coats . Found this more painful to do than 3x races racing motocross.. doing that next week a Sunday off..

  3. Great to see so much progress. She really is going to be fantastic when finished!
    Looking forward to seeing her in Cowes this Summer 😉

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