I visited Bernard Upton in Switzerland last week and we spent a few days working on A89 in the boatyard in Gland.

The skeg was showing signs of cracking around the alloy rudder support, so I scrapped off the paint to find out the condition underneath the paint. I have added some pictures in the Photo section.

There is a small amount of dis-similar metal corrosion between the brass bolts and the alloy plate, but nothing too serious. The boatyard had a good look at the skeg and declared the wood sound. I will update with new pictures on my next visit. The boatyard also suggested that Bernard should fit 2 anodes.

Next we removed the upper keel bolts to fit the excellent new rubber washers provided by John Ingleby. We found that it was much easier to do this job with 2 people. We cleaned the keel bolts, regreased inside and re-fitted the bolts and re-applied mastic.

Uncle Bernard is hoping to get A89 back on the lake as soon as the boatyard has the time, which due to Swiss holidays could be in 3-4 weeks time.

I’ll keep you all updated.

Richard James


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