Beef this up – more recent history, plus maybe subscription over the years….

The AGM/Dinner held at St Ermin’s Hotel, Caxton Street, London, on a Saturday in January, is held in a convivial setting and with the minimum of formality. However, it is conducted in a legal manner, an agenda is set, minutes are kept and audited annual accounts are presented and passed. AGM/Dinners have been held at St. Ermins since 1962. Rising prices and changes in members attitudes during the past forty two years, have decided the committee to change the location and timing of the 2005 gathering. See Social Events page 42.

The Annual Subscription is no longer ten shillings, sadly as costs have risen so have subscriptions, but it has been held at £14 for several years.

Membership is open to all owners and Associate Membership is open to partners and crews and to former owners and prospective owners. The total number in 2004 was one hundred and eighteen including nine Honorary Members. Members of the AOA own 94 boats.

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