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The Bulletin Index is structured around the following attributes

Bulletin YearBoat ClassDocumentSubject
From the start of the AOA the Bulletins have been produced at the end of the year and the boat register details in them acted as handbook for the following year. E.g. the ‘1973-74’ bulletin was created at the end of 1973.A=Atalanta
31=Atalanta 31
a. Brochures & Adverts
b. Class Reviews and Appreciations
c. Boat Commentaries
d. Engines
e. Rig, Sails and Tuning
f. Keel Gear
g. Hull and Decks
h. Rudder & Self Steering
i. Trailers and Trailing
j. Interior – Mods, Equipment & Gadgetry
k. Exterior – Mods, Equipment & Gadgetry
l. History
m. Cruises & Cruising
n. AOA Events
o. General
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