F3 2018 09 Port view already restored

I hope there is a competent person out there who would take on the restoration of F3 Dunsheen and sail this lovely boat. She is a good example of this classic class designed by Uffa Fox made by Fairey Marine using the hot moulded technique.

I have had her under cover in my garage for 19 years in the hope of restoring her. I bought her from someone who had just started restoring her. Unfortunately I have not found the time to do it, nor am I likely to do so. She is eminently restorable, evidenced by a survey report. One owner of an Atlanta who had restored his boat said that I had done the worst part of the restoration already!  I have various papers including numerous drawings.

The boat is in Bridport, Dorset.
If you are interested in taking her on please contact Simon on 01308 423194


I have had her surveyed. The surveyor said about the whole project that “The deterioration in the construction of the vessel is not such as that, in my opinion, that the restoration should not go ahead”. 
He did a very thorough survey identifying damaged areas and areas of rot.

The survey is available to any prospective purchaser. 

Hull and Deck

The top sides Coach roof and deck have been stripped. All the cockpit and internal joinery and window surrounds, toe rails etc I removed and are painted/varnished and appear in good condition.

The keel box needs replacing having been poorly repaired in the past with fibreglass resin and filler. The surveyor deals with this aspect in detail in his report.


The table, washboards, and bunk cushions are all in good condition

Spars, Sails, Rigging and Rudder

The mast is rotten, the boom is aluminium, the mainsail and Genoa are teryline And the surveyor considered them serviceable. There is no usable standing or running rigging.  
The rudder are in good condition.

Engine and Sterngear

The Stuart turner engine did not have a heat exchanger and is rusted so not working but the gearbox appears sound. Propellor etc in place.

I also have a seagull long shaft outboard of about seven HP. This could go with the boat as a separate item. The cooling water is sluggish and requires decalcifying, but the motor ran well a couple of years ago.

Keels and mechanism

The keel and keel hoist mechanism removed so that she is just the wooden shell. The keel is on a trolley under the boat. All metal work its sound subject to shot-blasting and zinc paint.

Trailer and Hoses/Trestles

The boat is sitting on two sturdy horses in the workshop and these are included.
The trailer is a break back trailer and requires restoration. It has been outside since I bought her.

Sales details produced by original owner

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