There are three Fairey Marine tenders to complement the Atalanta series of yachts.

The Dinky

This is an 8 ft long dinghy. Constructed in the same way as the Atalanta, hot moulded in Agba Veneer. Many of them have a flap in the transom. The flap folds down so that the tender can stow upside down on the rear deck, above the aft cabin. The flap makes room for the aft cabin hatch, which would otherwise have to be left open. Some of them have a sailing rig, and leeboard, but they have limited sailing ability (which is only to be expected of such a small boat).

Fairey Marine tenders - the Dinky

Restored Fairey Dinky, an ideal tender for an Atalanta. Note the flap in the transom, hinged just above the rear thwart.

Fairey Marine Tenders - the bottom of a Dinky

Restored Fairey Dinky. View of the bottom.


The Duckling

A larger dinghy, again hot moulded. This is too big to fit on the aft deck, so it has to be towed. However it does tow well, even offshore. Calista has towed one for over sea 1000 miles. They are true sailing dinghies. They have a proper alloy centreboard (cut down from a firefly) and are rigged with main and jib. Most are gunter rigged, but those sold for club racing (when new) have a bermudan mast. They row well and make a perfect sailing tender.

Sailing a Duckling dinghy

Sailing a Duckling in Croatia

Fairey Duckling an dideal tender to an Atalanta

Fairey Duckling. An ideal sailing tender to an Atalanta or Titania

Laying out an anchor with a Duckling

Fairey Duckling laying out an anchor line

Plans are still available from the Uffa Fox website.


The pixie is usually thought of as being a canoe. It also has rowlocks and oars, It is pretty narrow, so not my ideal tender. However it is great fun. It is made in two parts, each identical, and one can stow inside (near enough) the other. It was intended to fit onto the roof of a small car, but it is equally at home on an aft cabin!

Originally sold via a two line advert in the daily papers! Cost £50. Supposed to be made from the Atalanta coachroof mould.

The Pixie can be used as a canadian canoe

Fairey Pixie, in use as a “canadian canoe”. It can also be rowed.

Launching a Fairey Pixie

Launching a Fairey Pixie.


Emma Duck towes her Fairey Marine Dinky tender

A179 Emma Duck towing her Fairey Dinky at the start of a passage along the South Cast of England

Calista towing a Fairy Duckling near Milford Haven

T10 Calista towing a Fairy Duckling at the entrance to Milford Haven

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