Dougal Henshaw writes about Charles Currey

‘ incredible sailor, who at the same time was also a clever and insightful innovator

Dougal Henshaw, Sail-World 18 December 2020

Dougal Henshaw has just published a fascinating profile of Charles Currey charting his life, influence on the dinghy and wider boating world.

Read the article here.

The article filled in a lot of blanks for me and provided new insights into Charles and the work of Fairey Marine. I had not realised: that Charles and wife-to-be Bobbie had invented the dinghy trapeze; that the Firefly was the Olympic singlehander in the post war London Olympics, thanks to the invention of a foot-operated jam-cleat; his and Fairey Marine’s role in the development of the 505 dinghy; the use of the Swordfish hulls to make pretty (sic) motorboats; and much more.

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