Terrapin protected from the elements

I saw A49 on ebay and I am bringing her home to restore. 

    One thought on “Saving A49 Terrapin

    1. Ray
      Apologies for the delay in publishing your post.
      Hard to tell from pictures but Terrapin doesn’t look in too bad shape. I know that David did quite a bit of work on her in recent years.

      Have you managed to sort transport yet? Do let us know if not – boats are going afloat around now meaning that trailers may be available for a short period.

      And do you have a job list yet? Many of us been through most of the jobs (and are still going through them) so don’t hesitate to ask for help. And – shameless plug for the Assosication – you can get access to the full archive of drawings, technical papers and 60 years of owners’ stories in the Annual Bulletins by joining the Association.

      Great to see the photos – thanks for posting them.

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