Site Activity Feed Option on Home Page

This is not really a News item but is recommending use of the Site Activity Feed to make sure you never miss a post, blog entry or comment on the site.
This facility has been added in response to a number of queries about keeping up to date with activity on the website.

You can register your email address with the Site Activity Feed using the ‘Activity Feed by Email’ link on the right hand side of the screen, as shown on the right.

The site automatically sends out an email listing all of the posts, blogs and comments since the previous email. And if there are no updates, there are no emails.

And of course once you have subscribed every email sent includes a simple link to enable you to ‘Unsubscribe’ and no longer receive the update emails.

The feed is currently set to feed all updates once per day. Is this too frequent? I welcome feedback on how you would like this facility to work.

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