• New ham Truro
    New ham Truro
    Position: 50 15’ 09” N 05 02’ 32” W

    Petesark in distress in Cornwall
    Petesark in distress in Cornwall
    Petesark in distress in Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Spotted on Facebook group “Rotting in a Boatyard”

  1. Just seen this thread. As a previous owner of both a Titania and a 31, I can confirm that there are no worthwhile parts suitable for interchange.


  2. Does the AOA know if anyone has considered salvaging parts from this specific boat already? And would there actually be anything that actually fits a Titania?

    It is not that far from me and with my T12 requiring constant up keep some extra spares would help if they are easy to come by.

    Just a thought as it really does not look long for this world. What a shame.


    1. Hi George

      It ia good question. The question is whether there is an owner in the picture who would have to agree to any action.
      Also I doubt there is a lot of cross-over in parts between the A31 and Titania – it would be interesting to hear from others who may know?

      It is very sad to see any boat in this sort of state and particularly one of our own!


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