Swallow Yachts Bay Cruiser 26 Launching

Swallow Yachts has produced stylish and practical water-ballasted yachts for many years. The wood-epoxy construction, rig options, performance and performance have made them popular.

And this year they have re-interpreted the brief that Alan Vines laid out for Fairey Marine and Uffa Fox: A fast, trailable, seaworthy family cruising yacht.

The Bay Cruiser 26 is a fascinating craft, full of practical and innovative ideas. In fibre-reinforced plastic, it perhaps doesn’t have the ‘soul’ or the pretty lines of the Atalanta? But at least it’s not white. Watch the short introduction video to get a feel of the design, or explore in more detail on the Swallow Yachts Bay Cruiser 26 web page.

What do you think?

  • Trailable (40s and 2m 7s)
  • Bowsprit for the downwind sails and the anchor (1m 4s)
  • Sliding galley underneath the cockpit
  • Large cockpit
  • Cutaway well for the outboard and twin vertically lifting rudders, linked to the outboard for greater manoeuvrability (2m 12s)
  • Lead-tipped lifting keel and water ballast
  • Single-handed mast raising using clever geometry and the sheet winches with built-in rollers to position for trailing (2m 40s)
  • Boom and mainsail employ a ‘cassette’ system meaning lines and sail are left in place for mast raising and lowering and trailing (2m 51s)
Swallow Yachts Bay Cruiser 26 sailing
Swallow Yachts Bay Cruiser 26 sailing

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