The small boat harbour, SW of the clifftop old Monaco. An impressive hole overshadowed but the the cliffs on which Old Monaco stands.
Another windless morning. We motored the 20 miles down to Monaco, where we were to pick up Jez as a third crew member. The main harbour were not interested in an 8m yacht and sent us to the FortVielle marina to the west of the rocky outcrop on which old Monaco sits. The cliff face made it an attractive setting but also meant there was little wind. And it was HOT! We arrived at lunchtime and I remember two great impressions from our our first walk into town: the cars (expensive!) and how did they keep their clothes looking so crisp and uncreased in all this heat?

We lunched in Bar Gerards, overlooking the marina before spending the afternoon on board reading. Refreshed we walked around Monaco which we found very uninteresting.

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