St Nicholas Cathedral at night
After coffee we went in search of a laundry. So we washed in buckets on board (Nick's linen smock-shirts never recovered, perhaps a good thing.....). We then paid a visit to Prince Rainier's garage, also known as the Monaco Motor Museum. This was great fun - we both found the cars of our youth and our dreams, all in excellent condition. Particularly noteworthy was the open-top Fiat with wicker chairs presented to Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

We left the air-conditioned cool of the museum and climbed to old Monaco and the St Nicholas Cathedral and Oceanographic museum. The whole area is very smart - everything neat and tidy, well painted. We spent a few hours in the museum and its aquarium before settling into the terrace of a bar overlooking the Fort Vielle marina and Atalanta Mary for some beer. Then off to the station to pick up Jez who was joining the crew.

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