Some of them were quite eerie
The next morning there is a bit of a breeze in Monaco and we are able to set sail towards Beaulieu Sur Mer. We are buzzed by helicopters all day and pass some very fine coastal houses.

Arriving at Antibes we get caught up in the closing stages of a yacht race – normal size yachts rather than the rich-men’s playthings we had seen at San Remo. As we enter the enormous harbour at Antibes it too is full of ‘normal’ yachts. We moor just outside the city walls and head in to explore. The city is littered with statues of people in active poses, mounted on poles. Part of an art installation and very eye-catching.

The next morning we find a wonderful cafe with a garden crammed with plants and tables. We breakfast ‘continental’. We are all a bit subdued which might have something to do with the fact that the Genoa wine stocks were depleted the night before.

Restored, we explore further, walking around the old city walls, past the Picasso museum before heading back to the boat. There is wind. Time to sail.

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