Photo: Mont Blanc. Taken from Bernard Upton’s home, with Lake Geneva in the foreground and snow-topped Mont Blanc 100km away in the background.
Mont Blanc

Photo: Bernard aboard A89 Colchide. Taken 14th August 2011
Bernard aboard A89 Colchide

Photo: Hydraulic keel lifting gear on A89. Hand pumped
Hydraulic keel lifting gear on A89

Photo: Nyon. Attractive lakeside town on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, near A89’s home port.

Photo: Lake Geneva paddle_steamer. Lake paddle steamer leaving Nyon
Lake Geneva paddle_steamer

Photo: A89 Colchide. Taken by Richard James c. 2008
A89 Colchide

Photo: A89’s Faryman diesel. Single cylinder diesel engine mounted back to front, driving hydraulic transmission to folding propeller.
A89's Faryman diesel

Photo: A89 rudder. A89’s rudder retracts vertically inside stainless steel box – see next photo. Aerofoil cross-section gives good precise steering both forwards and in reverse.
A89 rudder

Photo: Slide_26.

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