Photo: logs. The higher water levels are washing down some significant logs so you need to keep an eye out.


Photo: Meaux. Interesting mooring as the current runs across the pontoons.  I ferry glided in between the pontoons got the bow line on then the stern line.  The mooring costs €4.50 including water and electricity.


Photo: Fetch, Meaux. I wondered why there was banging like beating up tide with the wind.  This was caught between the pontoon and the skeg.
Fetch, Meaux


Photo: Sunny Marne. I am grateful for a sunny day.  The forcast isn’t looking that good.
Sunny Marne


Photo: Mary-sur-marne. Lovely location just outside a restaurant which was unfortunatly full so we ate lunch onboard.  The wash from commercial boats spoils it however.


Photo: La Ferte-sous-Jouarre. Lovely mooring protected from the wash by an island that is also a nature reserve.  There is a family of swans and a family of canada geese both with little chicks.  The mooring is free and includes elec. and water.
La Ferte-sous-Jouarre


Photo: crews 12th birthday.
crews 12th birthday


Photo: Chateau-Thierry.


Photo: starboard bouys. near epernay I made the mistake of forgetting that on inland waterways starboard markers may be black.  This is my last evening on the river marne the next day I entered the lateral marne canal.
starboard bouys


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