Photo: beat this. Long on the somme.
beat this

Photo: sails. Photo of the new sails made by suffolk sails. Note the use of the old brass hanks.

Photo: seine. Waiting on the wall for the lock keeper to arrive on a lovely morning after spending the night moored to a commercial barge with no access to the shore.

Photo: stVal. Getting close to St Valerie-sur-Somme. It was a windless day which was probably a good thing as I had the dog with me.

Photo: amiens. I squeezed through the centre section of the bridge with a following current to a section out the front of all of the restaurants. I asked first but I am the only one here keels up of course. I guess it will get noisy later.

Photo: Port d’Ercheu. lovely moorin made better by good company
Port d'Ercheu

Photo: Interesting bouyage and pontoise. The first is an interesting bouy layout.  Note the distance between the left most right (I am going down stream, or red one) marker and the bridge is only a couple of metres. The second includes Pontoise in the background and a vnf (waterways) boat in the foreground with “do not make wake and pass on this side” markings.  I got the book out.  In general the signage is minimal and I have not heard the use o the horn for signalling.
Interesting bouyage and pontoise

Photo: Interesting bouyage and pontoise.
Interesting bouyage and pontoise

Photo: how cute. At Cergy.  They were little balls of fluff with enormous feet almost doing flipping over reaching for scraps of bread.
how cute

Photo: Prison ship. Well I say that but I guess it is one of these package holiday river criuses.  The image does little to convey either the sizeor speed of this thing.  The swell produced both from front and wake is as big as Mary this with the current was a bit interesting. It overtook with all of the philanthropy of a 4-wheel-drive on the school run.
Prison ship

Photo: Cergy. Looking good amongst the tupperware.

Photo: Mojo’s turn at the helm.. Mojo is a retired greyhound we have had for 8 years, she is now 11.  This morning had a coffee in a bar-cafe-betting shop whilst she lay down in the middle of the floor.  The staff said she was fine.  This is not unusual. She has gained a taste for crossants and is now used to waiting outside the boulangerie. She came from Northants greyhound trust as have our others.
Mojo's turn at the helm.

Photo: Conflans-sainte-Honorine. Lots of barges parked here.

Photo: Sartroville.

Photo: Sartroville.

Photo: Borgival. I don’t mind waiting for the lock keeper chance for a coffee and to write a blog entry.

Photo: Borgival.

Photo: Borgival. I don’t mind waiting for the lock keeper chance for a coffee and to write a blog entry.

Photo: Cleats. Whilst off visiting Bougival wake managed to break my rear cleat.  These look as though they have dried out over the years and I am glad they broke and nothing more serious. I will look into getting some more made up in Paris.

Photo: Paris.

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