Colchide sailing near Harwich

Photo: A89 off Harwich.

Photo: A89 in the north sea.
A89 in the north sea


Photo: A89 in the River Orwell.
A89 in the River Orwell


Photo: Orwell.


Photo: North Sea.
North Sea


Photo: Formation with Sadler 29.
Formation with Sadler 29


Photo: AOA Pennant.
AOA Pennant


Photo: Nice.


Photo: Mmm, going back to white antifoul next year.
Mmm, going back to white antifoul next year


Photo: Richard and Huggy.
Richard and Huggy


Photo: Keel bolt with bronze chamfer.
Keel bolt with bronze chamfer


Photo: 25 kts, gusting 30.
25 kts, gusting 30


Photo: Felixstowe in a blow.
Felixstowe in a blow


Photo: Harwich in a blow.
Harwich in a blow


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