Deannie is available, free of charge, in the Lake District area, near the M6. The owners have entrusted the AOA to find a good home for her. Deannie has been under a heavy duty tarpaulin for some years and she is dry and solid inside. Her internals and cockpit blister have been removed but are stored in a nearby garage.
She sits on a trailer, which appears sound but the tyres are poor but with some inflation, should good be able to take her up the garden to a low loader or similar.
The garden has grown around Deannie over the years and it will take her new owner saws and choppers to remove branches and bushes to extract her. Her keels and rudder have also been removed and sit on her trailer, which means that the empty shell weighs very little.

Please contact Richard James if you are interested in Deannie. She is currently lying in the Lake District.

Photo: A154 Deannie.
A154 Deannie


Photo: A154 Deannie May 2017.
A154 Deannie May 2017


Photo: A154 Deannie been under cover for 20 years.
A154 Deannie been under cover for 20 years


Photo: A154 Deannie under super tarp.
A154 Deannie under super tarp


Photo: A154 Deannie with keels.
A154 Deannie with keels


Photo: A154 Deannie stripped out.
A154 Deannie stripped out


Photo: A154 Deannie aft cabin.
A154 Deannie aft cabin


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