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Sorry its been a while since I updated but suffice to say we have made progress to N Devon but since then progressed has stalled due to work commitments. Anyway here is the update from Aberystwyth to Padstow (but ended up going nowhere).

So we left Aberystwyth early evening with a view to making Ramsey sound by the 11am the next morning. By the way the marina is lovely at Aberystwyth if you are passing John and Mike are a cracking couple of guys there. 

The view looking back to Aberystwyth and the coastline was amazing. So we set off under power as there was very light winds and very calm seas. 

We were making good progress until I got an engine overheat light come up on the display.

So a quick check of the filter on the engine sea cock showed a small amount of weed in the filter but nothing that would be too serious. Anyway after letting the engine cool we tried again and the same happened.

Net result a PAN PAN PAN into the coast guard for an RNLI tow back to Aberystwyth. 🙁

Well that naturally meant some beers in the pub frequented by the RNLI boys to show our appreciation.

So next morning and after some investigation and a tool set very kindly loaned to me by the gentleman on the boat next door the root cause of the problem was found.

Broken off parts from a previous replaced sea water lift pump trapped in the sea water heat exchanger and housings. Which resulted in a scale up of the exchanger and the bell housing on the end.

So an eventually started our sail for lands end…… prt 4 to come

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Boat: T4 ** Interest: I purchased a boat as a project going forward, the wisdom of this decision is still being tested. Suffice to say I am the proud owner of a Titania and as they are reasonably rare. I enjoy the attention that she receives when we pull along side the modern boats and everybody comes and questions what she is. ** Location: Gloucestershire ** Country: GB

One thought on “Portsmouth Bound Prt 3

  1. Good to see of your last adventure with Brother Jack. such bad luck.  It’s always the same with a new boat , lots of teething problems,  but then after a while you get to understand them and become one with the boat. That is until the next thing breaks !!   It sounds like you where lucky to have that overheating alarm.

    Anyways I really hope the next stage of your Portsmouth bound journey goes well and that your good lady still remains keen.

     From my end I’m still looking at my atalanta from from bedroom window. Done lots of work on her, varnish, seacocks etc.my work commitments come to an end in 2 weeks time & the hope is to launch for 2 months of September & October. 

    Looking forward to your next post.

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