Welcome to the new 2018 AOA Website

Our new website is still work in progress. We are in the process of loading AOA records and there are lots of things to add and bits that may not work as well as we hoped. (The current ‘job list’ is documented on this page and will be updated as we fix things and you make request for additions and changes.)

If you have previously logged in to our old ‘Ning Site’ use the Login link (top right) with your old user name (the one you used in the Ning site) and select the ‘Lost Password‘ option to reset your password for the new site. The site content is structured around the following areas:

The designs – Fairey Marine Atalanta 26, 31, Fulmar, Titania and Fisherman
The boats – registers and individual boat histories including ‘Boat Blogs’ which everyone can contribute to
The archive – bulletins, papers, drawings and much more, all available online
Forums – seek and give advice on sailing and maintaining the boats, advertise gear for sale and wanted etc.

See the About page to learn more about the site.

A lot of the site is available to the public but details of the boat registers, the AOA archive and some aspects of the Forums are restricted to AOA members. Read about the different access levels here.

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Please note the updated Privacy Policy and website Terms and Conditions.

How to contribute

Offers of help to create material, update boat register details and so on are welcome, and you will find forms to do this throughout the site.   We actively seek contributions through the ‘Contribute’ page, or if you prefer contact the webmaster using the contact form.

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