In 2001 the owners of A7 bought A109 Beltine for spares. A109 was subsequently broken up as can be seen in the photos. Coincidentally A7 was bought by an owner who used the trailer for his boat and put her for sale. A7 has not been heard of since.

Sadly, such treatment of neglected Atalantas often becomes the only option. However a primary aim of the AOA is to prevent this. Looked after, and importantly kept covered during the winter, Atalantas are long lived. Owners are often reluctant to let go of their charges despite their deterioration.

If unable to use an Atalanta we would encourage owners to consider passing their boat on before it deteriorates beyond economic repair. And to avoid a repeat of the loss of A76 and A98 , which were destroyed after their owner died, please consider a clause in your Will, or a codicil to your Will, entrusting your Atalanta, her gear and spares to the AOA in the even of your death.

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