A110 assisting Land Rover Test a V8 Landrover

These photographs relating to A110 Turnstone (now Trientje P, being restored in Germany) were kindly provided by Richard Slater.  [One of the pleasures I get from the website is connecting previous Atalanta Owners with the current clan].

The boat was owned by Richard’s Father who bought it off a neighbour of the owner of A146 Bluff which crossed the Atlantic.  A110’s purchase included a self-steering gear ‘cast-off’ from A146 which never really worked as A110 was 3/4 rigged and A146 masthead.  Richard’s father had owned F9 ‘Petronella’ since 1960 and sold her once he had completed the restoration of A110 in 1974.

The family lived with the Coventry Victor engine for a couple of years before fitting a YSE8 yanmar which ran 5-6 hours on a gallon of red diesel!    The new engine fitted under the cockpit floor with about 1 inch raised around the flywheel housing. 

The photo below shows A110 on the beach in Alderney Harbour changing the Yanmar cylinder head gasket.  This blew (water to air outside) inside 25 hours use, and ate the water pump impeller even quicker!  [The Yanmar agent in Cornwall recommended fitting a Jabsco impeller which worked forever ands much cheaper!] Taking the head off was interesting as there wasn’t enough room to slide it off the studs, so they had to remove the studs. 

The famliy did many many channel crossings.

Thank you Richard for these memories.

  • : Late 1970's

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