A113 Aku leaves the river Hamble

From the 1960-61 Bulletin

On 15 November 1960, John Peck in Fairey Atalanta “Aku” (A113 ) left Hamble on the longest planned Fairey Atalanta cruise yet . He planned to sail westward round the world – a two year, 31,000 mile journey. 
John Peck was a racing motor cyclist aged 49. He was accompanied by 24 years old John Riding, of Southport. Their supplies included 800 meals of dehydrated meat, vegetables and milk, and a crossbow for harpooning fish.
Their route will take them to the Canary Islands, the West Indies, then through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean to Tahiti , Tonga, Port Moresby, the Cacaos Islands in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and down to South America. On the return crossing of the Atlantic they hope to visit St Helena.

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